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So this guy came in and poked me on ts. 


<18:19:31> "Jeff" pokes you: Hello my name is Tyron im here to fuck ur wife
<18:19:59> You poked "Jeff" with message: u know the standard rates?
<18:20:19> "Jeff" pokes you: u pay me 15 bucks ill fuck here long dick style and bring some sushi
<18:20:51> You poked "Jeff" with message: I don't think you can afford her
<18:21:08> "Jeff" pokes you: okay 20 bucks last offer i cant go higer
<18:21:40> You poked "Jeff" with message: Perhaps a different girl? My cousin or sister-in-law are cheaper
<18:22:22> "Jeff" pokes you: ur crazy if u like man fuck ur fucking crazy im out
<18:22:30> "Jeff" pokes you: i dont want to fuck ur wife sorrry
I think I won haha.
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You flipped him pretty quickly from expecting to be paid to agreeing to pay for the privilege. I'm impressed.

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