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Hello, since I'm new here and I'm going to be developing on the Killing Floor server & get a team fortress 2 server running which I'll also be putting some time in, I'd better introduce me.


I'm a social online person that loves developing & working on stuff. I'm always busy & hyped for stuff.


so uhm.. what can I say more.. Ehh... I live in Belgium (GMT +1) & since I'm little I've been interested in pc & coding, so unrealscript is my shit. :)


feel free to add me on steam, same name as on the forums. And ofcourse don't forget to get suggestions/bugs going in the bug tracker section so I can work on them.

also, I may not be known amongst you guys but I'm trustworthy, take my word for it.


See you guys soon~~~~



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That's pretty cool!


Nice to meet you and glad to have you on the team.


By any chance are you familiar with csgo server management?

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Shai, last night he was a member, today he is banned, I ain't talking to myself, I made a valid point.  I removed the link (it didn't work)!

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Reminds me of the old yahoo messenger hangouts that were taken over by spam bots. You didn't know who was real, and who wasn't. :haha:

Joe,I didn't see anything it typed in the post, I checked its profile via admincp after seeing its email(red flag). They usually fill in a portion of the profile fields with some spam links.

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