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Ok I play mine craft and renegade regularly. My idea is set up announcements similar to mine craft. That way server restarts and other info is on display at all times for members and general public. Plus might boost rencorner members if had web sight posted regularly as well. Just a idea fyi.

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I got an idea, stop gettin drunk n spamming shoutbox :P :P :P

Annoucements ingame about server restarts r good though, kewl idea but I have no inout in renegade whatsoever.

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Lol there was no one in game to announce to when the server got restarted. We always post on the forums 24 hours in advanced. Normally we are only down for 5-10 minutes max. We ran into some complications on both boxes, but we were able to fix them.

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Heres the thing warlord, I give notices regularly before shutting down. Barely anyone reads them in the servers. lol It doesn't matter if it is done ingame, on Steam group, on Facebook, on the forums, on ts, on irc...it's the same reaction from people.

Lastnight I didn't say it ingame but right before, because that topic was up for hours.

There are some times where we'll wait weeks in order to do that, sometimes not.

[21:01:10] <&RCBOT> WindowsVista Uptime: 4wks 1day 21hrs 4mins 13secs Best: 12wks 50mins 19secs

[21:01:10] <&RCBOT1> Windows2008R2 Uptime: 9wks 4hrs 26mins 47secs Best: 17wks 4hrs 42mins 5secs

RCBOT = Marathon, CW, KF pc

RCBOT1 = Tf2,KF2,Terraria pc

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No one reads the announcements in minecraft either. 


[server restarting in 10 minutes]

[server restarting in 5 minutes]

[server restarting in 1 minutes]

[server restarting]


"hey! why'd i get kicked??"


...face palm

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