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Hey guys,


Just wanted to announce we have a Rust server open and running. Big thanks to Ricochet for getting it all set up again!


Server Name: Rencorner.co | 2XWood/Stone | Remove | Active Admins


Ip and port: 


Hope you guys join and check it out. The new update are pretty awesome. I played a couple nights ago and ended up staying up til like 7 am haha.



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I cant join :(


"Disconnected (Connection Attempt Failed) - returning to main menu"

When i join on volcom it says server full :o while he is alone

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Just hopped on.. not much activity. I still had a Thomson on me but i was sleeping in a house with no walls ;D


People seem to like a 2 week wipe cycle these days, so maybe we need to get that setup and mark the wipe date in order to get randoms online.


The plugin architecture has changed quite a bit, but I'm going to be looking into that again.


Would be really cool to have a progressive loot/gift thing for the hours leading up to the wipe.


Anyone care if we wipe today? That usually draws people in.

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  • nameismud changed the title to Rencorner.co Rust Server

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