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I rodeo every sunday, heres a pic of me xD


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This is a very serious topic Wyld.

LOL <3 D4rX. I love mylo. Ren would not have been the same without him. We had a blast in the early days.

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Mikey your comments were removed due to the inflammatory nature. You received my pm's explaining that. You want to continue on this path of senseless drama we can solve it quickly. The fact you posted again instead of just pming me says you are trying to cause drama.

As stated you can either be a positive part of this Community or don't post. You have a problem pm the individual directly, don't post in threads where others are having fun.

No need to reply here you have already tainted this thread. PM Shai directly if you want to discuss whatever your problem is. I have devoted all the time I am going to on you.

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Wtf is your problem? abusing your powers removing posts that where NOT INVOLVING YOU AT ALL it was about ik4l3l and this whole joke about bigmacs, but no you wanna cause some drama so here we are all clap for wyld no doubt this will be removed aswell as he cant handle the attention being away from him.

Just wow at you i actually thought you were alright before you started all this snide work, you will not do a thing to me since I havent done anything wrong so threat away son they're empty threats, also dont bother trying to give me orders, pigs will fly before I listen to someone like so yeah drop it.

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lol my gosh you don't follow direction well.

Yep you got me. It is my evil (life's) plan to remove posts or maybe just your posts. I lost track and patience. In fact Sean and I were just talking about how many I can delete...............

Shai he is all yours. I'm done with this one with whatever his issues are. I already told Ani what I was going to do and he was fine with it. So up to you if you want to save this one. :P

My aplogies mylo, I tried to keep your thread troll free.

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