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What is the worst soda/pop?


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Lol Gumby, I immediately thought of BK's new halloween burger.

I remember back around 2000 there was this thing called Pepsi Blue, terrifying stuff. But I'd have to go with Dr. Pepper currently, the taste is awful.

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I havent drank any of that shite for a long long time now but it has to be coca cola, there is a youtube video somewhere showing the residue left behind when it is heated, that shit is going in your body too.


Also there's a diagram showing the effects of coca cola on the body after 15 minutes, you would be surprised.

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Yeah like Mikey I've stopped drinking any soda/refreshing beverage and whatnot except natural stuff.

It led me to the point where now I regularly have chest burns even though I only drink water and tea.


It's really painful..


I used to drink a 2.5L bottle of coke every 1.5 days but now I'm done with it, I won't drink that shit anymore even if it's the last thing on earth. Down the toilet. Funny how it was said that coke is medicine yet it didn't do shit, only to make people buy it, making them belive it's a cure. It even has freaking cocaine in it.


The cheap stuff is awful too, they add all kind of shit in it(unlike 'trend' beverages)


Also Cola is into incest stuff since on a bottle of coke I saw 'Share a kiss with your favorite cousin'.          :ShiftyEyes:

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Welch's Grape Soda.

Makes your turd green.

Still love it tho'

Gumby's account has been hacked.

Gumby always signs "Gumby" !!!!!!

Pepsi is bad. Worse if it's not cold, then you feel your teeth melting

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The worst ever soda is Beverly from Italy ... if anyone has ever tasted this stuff it's like concentrated dish soap mixed with vinegar and they actually sell it as a soda there.


A quick google search will give you quotes such as these "

Anyway, if you read the label above Beverly, you will discover two things: first, that Beverly is sold in Italy (though truthfully, I never saw it any time I was there), and second, that its flavor is that of a bitter aperitif!

If nothing else, this should mean something to an American, especially those with very American-like, dull taste buds! A more appropriate description would be the most bitter and disgusting, antiseptic-like bug-killer, but safe for human consumption, carbonated (so that it regurgitates in your system, allowing you to experience the taste throughout the day) liquid. How’s that?"




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Carbonated soda is bad all around, I still drink it though. :(


Have you guys ever had to clean out/replace drain pipes that people pour alot of soda down? I have, and can tell you right now it eats metal way faster than a non-soda drain line.

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moderation is key


I personally don't think any soda is distasteful, damn who doesn't like sugar?


fyi Coca Cola is better than Scrubbing Bubbles

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