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Issues profile song?


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I've been trying for the past two days to get my profile song to work.
I have tried uploading the mp3/m4a(yes iTunes version) of the song, as well as adding in a YouTube URL, but it still isn't working for me?
When I press save changes, the file that I select disappears and it prompts me that there is "no file chosen".


thanks in advance.

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On 8-2-2016 at 1:30 AM, shaitan said:

Profile songs is updated, check the pic. Added a colored tags too, don't ask me how it works. :P


Shai, could you reupload that pic? Thanks in advance.
Still got issues, tried converting files to nearly 3MB but i still get nothing. Dunno if there is a max bitrate limit.

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Pic is uploaded to imgur. As for the song: upload it somewhere and link it here, I'll add it manually if I can some time.

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