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I've streamed my Command and Conquer: Renegade game play on Twitch from time to time, and it seems like people enjoy watching me play this game for the most part. I explain that its like playing a RTS, but in the FPS/Third person style.

I've had a couple of people who have "followed" me on twitch from my Age of Empires II:HD gameplay ask about other games that I like to play. I brought up Command and Conquer Renegade and have been showing it off to them since.


And that when the light bulb went off in my head.

We all want our server(s) to grow.

We all want to see Renegade (Or Minecraft/ArK/Terraria, ect.) stick around for a lot longer than it already has.

In order to do that, we need more players. Dedicated players who are intrigued by how the game works much like the rest of us all are (obviously, or else you wouldn't be reading this right now).


I think we should really try and grab some potential players via Twitch/YouTube.

Anybody who has ever played Renegade would want to come back seeing our kickass server.

Anybody who has played any other C&C games but hasn't tried Renegade would have interest in at least trying it.

Anyone that likes a shooter with more than the typical objectives in mainstream games (Team deathmatch, domination, S&D, ect.) would want to at least research the game a little bit.


Streaming on Twitch is easy(or it can be hard, depending on the program you use). Download xSplit gamecaster, open up Renegade, press that stream button and you are live for the world to see on Twitch.

YouTube editing can be a pain at times. But if you know how to work Sony Vegas, you could easily make some pretty awesome videos to promote the game/RenCorner on YouTube.


I think that if we had a couple more players stream/YouTube their gameplay, we would be able to see the server(s) grow. Even if we only gain 15 or so people, thats still a lot more activity than we are currently getting from old players who feel the nostalgia and decide to come back for a little bit.


I love the community we have here at RenCorner, but there is always space for more players in our servers.


What do you think about trying a player grab via Twitch/YouTube?


(my Twitch profile is Twitch.tv/reddapp)

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You have to remember that Renegade can't compete at the same level as the games that are out nowadays, the C&C franchise is very well known and i'm sure a lot of people know about the game, I just don't see them choosing Ren over the amount of newer games with better graphics/gameplay/player counts etc.


I never say never but I wouldn't hold any high expectations from it

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While I see what you are saying Mikey, you have to think about it from this perspective; why do you keep coming back to Renegade? I personally love the tight knit community we have here. I'm not looking to gain 100+ players. Even anything more than 50 is unlikely, but it's still worth a shot. Like you and Justin Biber say, never say never.

And aside from Planetside 2(which is sweet, but not able to destroy buildings and such) there aren't many games that hold the RTS elements like our beloved Renegade does.

The gameplay is team based(supposed to be at least), the graphics can be customized to look incredible (sponge bob C4's still look great to this day), and the player count is what I am shooting to improve.

It'd be great to get some new faces that are actually eager to learn the game and play regularly.

Imagine if we could see clan wars as frequently as we used to.. Lol

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Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the game thriving as it once was but realistically It's not gonna happen.


If you can get a few extra players then all the better I just think it's gonna be a challenge.

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