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Had to point something out about sean


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LMAO u two.

I'm jealous Sean....

Its okay baby, I have plenty of love to give.

Doesn't at all you noob!

lies, it really does LOL

I just need to get her to laugh like you do and I can create auto responders!


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Seans so gay he makes Matt Bomer look straight.



[Thu 13:47:40] <Blacky> manuel gave me a foot long

[Thu 13:47:45] <Blacky> for $5

[Thu 13:48:52] <Blacky> its a hard living working on the corner for $5 lets just say that

[Thu 13:48:55] <Blacky> lol yea

[Thu 13:49:00] <Sean> LOL

[Thu 13:49:06] <Sean> oh so your still selling your arse

[Thu 13:51:08] <Sean> I only want your arse and mouth for a hour

[Thu 13:51:17] <Sean> after that you can have 40 dollers

[Thu 13:51:29] <Sean> oh

[Thu 13:51:33] <Sean> and if you swallow

[Thu 13:51:39] <Sean> I'll give you a extra 5 dollers!

[Thu 14:06:49] <Blacky> yesss

[Thu 14:06:57] <Blacky> I can buy 8 foot longs now

[Thu 14:06:59] <Blacky> lol

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