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As you all may have noticed today and yesterday, some jackass hates us enough to drop our servers alot. Here is a list of the direct IP's to individual game servers and such(even though there's topics).

if this website gets attacked again, you can use the OSTK website while it is off so we can all stay in touch...somewhat. Will just have to register, shoutbox away and stuff.  http://ostk-clan.org/forums/

Rencorners [IRC]: irc.rencorner.co - is

[TS]: ts.rencorner.co backup TS3 is: ts3.rencorner.co /

Ark server direct IP:

[Renegade IP]:

 [MineCraft]: mc.rencorner.co -or-

[KillingFloor]: You can use kf.rencorner.co:PORT as well as: Normal: - Testing: - Objective maps: - Doom: - Big Server: - Achievements: - Warz0n3 Server: - IDRPG Mod: - DeadSpace Mod:

[Team Fortress 2]: Server 1: - Prop: - Server 3: - MVM #2:

[Terraria Server]:  |  [Terraria #2]:  ter.rencorner.co:7779

[Renlist]: http://renlist.n00b.hk/download/RenList-1.0.8.zip

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