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November 15th's Winners!


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Here's the list of the top ranking players in each category. If You want to put your Steam ID in here or PM, feel free to do so. I'll PM people as I see them to let them know.

Once again, here's the topic where the games are located for each category: Clicky

Most Games

1. iK4l3l 170

2. can3z 118

3. rzrbk1018 96

Most Vehicle Kills

1. OSTKtisq 535

2. OSTKD4rKz 479

3. iK4l3l 298

Most Kills

1. OSTKD4rKz 1646

2. iK4l3l 1611

3. erz 893

Best Vehicle Repair

1. OSTKtisq 386577.176286001

2. OSTKD4rKz 258569.0764

3. KobraUNC 210259.02569

Most Building Kills

1. can3z 142

2. iK4l3l 104

3. a1h 99

Best K/D

1. Trick_or_Treat(DJEYEK) 20.00

2. Vipan. 9.50

3. kermittf6 8.00

4. DarkMart 8.00

Most Deaths

1. elzet2012 914

2. iK4l3l 712

3. mogkupopo 708

Best Overall Repair

1. OSTKtisq 435499.576451001

2. OSTKD4rKz 287619.554453

3. KobraUNC 229019.000848

4. titan350 228809.36642

Darkz and Tisq do not want theirs. ik4l3l has already opted for the Naval Warfare game. So I guess that leaves a shit load of games left. -.-

erz has taken the Naval game. Still waiting on slowpokes to respond. >_<

Can3z has taken the Left4Dead2 game today! Getting there. :P/>

K4l3l has taken the Naval Warfare game.

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I sent in a support ticket for the Magicka games, for some reason I can't gift them as it is. The other ones I can, so no problems there, just need those people to come forward. o.o

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Ok so K4l3l has taken the Naval Warfare game. So that means the Left4Dead2 game goes to the runnerup: can3z.

Once Gamersgate gets back to me I can send DJEYEK his game. Once tisqsaps ever gets around, can send hers or send it to the runnersup.

LOL this is a clusterfuck...not doing this anymore after this. o.o

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