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Hi, my name is Rod and i like to party :)

So i'm interested in joining this server, obviously, otherwise I probably wouldn't be posting this. My MC name is MrRiboflavin but most people call me Ribo. Recently, the server I used to play on was shut down, so I have been searching the vast amount of servers looking for one that I like. I've been searching so much now I haven't played since... I don't even know how long ago that was. It was back before jungles came out, and when ladders were still broken :P (just before 1.2.1 as far as i can tell.) So please excuse me if i seem like an old guy trying to understand why all of you hooligans can text so fast. Well that is enough of my rambling for now, i'll spare you all this once. I am not sure if i need to get put a white list of anything like that, but i would appreciate it if a mod could.


- Ribo

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Just to clarify, my name isn't actually Rod. It was a reference to one of the funniest movies ever (Hot Rod). I still do like to party though :D Its nice to see everyone being so receptive of new players. Thank you all and i look forward to playing with you guys

P.S. My actual name is Krys.


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