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Hello Mamas!


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so I normally dont post in things like this but thought I would anyways for the benefit of those that have been playing in Rencorner for a while who (shockingly) may have not heard of me before. So a bit of a background...

im woj107...just woj107. No I have never played under any other nick before, although my brother in law sometimes plays under nosaj08 or jaymyson and he might be under the same serial since we used the same CD I THINK lol I dunno its been a long time.

Anyways, so again, Im woj107, been playing since the game came out. I play this video game more than any other game (meaning I dont have any other game that I play other than ren lol). No I have not ever been a part of a clan (although Ive been asked by many over the years) nor will I join yours so spare yourself the request now. I like to snipe more than AOW although sometimes I know a thing or two about AOW. I am NOT a legend of Renegade nor even close to it but I would say that I am a decent player. But I have played with some of the best and gotten to personally know some of the best clans/players (spoonplex, the whole EKT family - squirrel,rat,frog,etc. stone kirby, ruffles, Lee, gohax, geoloto, Xzx, M4x, whiskey, DAh20/sync clan members, etc. I know a lot of people. Which brings me to why I am at rencorner. Having starting playing at Baddog gaming (which was Thee greatest server with amazing community members of all time, Tony if you are reading this, you were the best server admin) but then funds led it to its downfall so then started playing Jelly then finding that the community was more and more poisioned with admittable cheaters, I left the server to become dedicated to Noobstories. Things were pretty good built good rapport and now more recently have left due to the powerstruggle between the moderators and lack of willingness to listen to their 'clients' from the server admins. So I left and now am here. With that said, I bring players to the server. No I do not have disciples haha but I do have players that like to play same games as me. So win-win.

The most important thing I wanna make reference to is I never have and never will cheat in renegade. I think if I ever did it would become wayyy too noticeable because I already am fairly good. I have played with many players over the years (names are left out) who have cheated in the past and/or are questioned as to cheating currently. It is sad because any of those players dont need to cheat but they still choose too which is sad and I dont understand it, but ...that's their choice.

Im vocal on servers but thats because I have a healthy competitive nature haha. But when I notice dh bh or anything else that shows cheats then I get upset. I hope this server has dedicated mods and players as Im looking forward to playing in it. So far I already know nearly half of the players signed up in these forums which is nice...My beliefs on characters: for those of you that know me, you know that I hate nub jets. For those of you noobs that dont know what that is. Its either a Sak or Havoc. Now here's my way of thinking around it that many do not agree with and thats fine everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Nub jets are noobish because lets be honest. Two hits to the Feet of an advanced character does NOT equal skill so shut up. However, I am one to use nub jets WHEN the bar and hon is down for the opposing team. Why? Because I feel that as long as the bar/hon are still good. Then battles/500 snipers are still out there. But once that building is gone, then its okay to noob jet basic infantry because they dont stand that big of a chance to fight back lets be honest with a 1000. Again, that is nubbish too but I strongly feel that at least using it then and not when both buildings still stand is less nubbish. My feelings on SBHs; nubbish, pure nubbish. I dont care who you are, when you use it, how often you used it. Anytime you are fricken INVINSIBLE in a game, lets be real. Where is the skill involved? There is none, the opposing team is at a disadvantage. So dont act as if SBHs are a skill. They again, are RESERVED so nub characters, new babies yes.

Alright that's about all I think I can think of ...

see you in game !

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Omg woj, word puke. I'll read this later when I'm lonely, bored, not hungry, and can stay awake. :) lol

Oh and Hi! Welcome to RC. Good to see you here.

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Hey WOJ, how's it going? Long time since we played together. Come on TS, you Canuk!

Oh, and btw, Welcome to our community.


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Welcome man!

Glad to see some familiar faces and it makes me even happier to see them joining our forums/community. I hope you enjoy the server and I am sure you will find our mod team is up to par.

See u soon bud.

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Guest Animoski

After hanging out with this guy on TS for 2 days, I would have never expected this guy to make a wall of text like this. Then again, maybe I should've expected the unexpected lol

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