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Muted ... not given a chance to contest mute or answer replies


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I wasn't given a chance to answer the replies in my other thread and think I ought to be given such an opportunity. Manuel857 and Anthrax both replied but I didn't have a chance to respond.

In response to Manuel857:

Shaitan: I read the logs of all that. The one part that stands out is: [22:54:38] <&RCAOW> @BeerBaron: no james, u tried to ali ahkba me
Shaiten: I'm allah akbar'ing this topic now. Like this

In response to Anthrax and everyone else:

There's nothing toddler about it and your analogy is terrible. It's more like mom scribbling on the wall then smacking me in the back of the head when I make a smaller doodle on the wall, then mom telling me that walls aren't for scribbling on and smacking me in the head again. The events may be exclusive, but back to your terrible analogy, mom drawing on the wall a week earlier and smacking me in the head for doing it today is very relevant. A better analogy here, given that you're mods and administrator of the server, would be a judge or a police officer. These individuals are held to a higher standard than the general public as their role as enforcers of laws/decrees makes it all the more important for them to follow the rules they are in place to adjudicate and enforce, respectively.

I don't think there is any debate as to the fact that what I said was far and away less offensive than what administrators and moderators have been saying without anyone even batting an eyelash. I'm not saying my brand of nonsense was any better, but the fact that the questionable language was uttered by those meant to enforce the rules which makes it only more reprehensible. In any event, that's something you all have to sort out within your own ranks and I couldn't care less if these statements/words were allowed or forbidden. My only point is that I shouldn't be held to a higher standard than the moderators and administrator here as that goes against all the principles of making and enforcing rules. As a matter of public policy, judges, law enforcement, or even the mother in your analogy would recognize the problem here and think twice before chastising someone else for doing the very same thing they are admonishing against, so why you can't see the problem here is beyond me. Manuel857 clearly recognizes the issue here. This is the very reason the former two groups of individuals can be removed from the force or the bench for violating laws/decrees they are meant to enforce and adjudicate, respectively. Like I said, it goes against all the principles of making and enforcing rules / public policy to hold me to a higher standard then yourselves. Whether or not you want said rules to be in place is one thing (and it doesn't matter to me one way or the other to me), but admonishing and punishing me for the very same rules your own administrators and mods violate is something that should concern each and everyone one of those involved in having any rules taken seriously on the server. In any other setting, individuals that I won't name again would not be in a capacity to enforce these rules due to the ineffectiveness they create in the system as a whole and the order that it provides.

I don't care if you want to toss this particular rule out or not, and failing to enforcing it all together could be considered a quasi-tossing out of sorts which would be just as acceptable, but please don't hold me to a higher standard than yourselves. As I mentioned, it is relevant that I am being admonished and punished for the very rules that those making and enforcing them are violating. Going forward, it's fine to come out and saying these rules will be taken more serious (making an unofficial 'memorandum of understanding' of sorts), but right now I think it's objectively reasonable to any reasonable person that I should be unmuted in light of these highly relevant facts and circumstances. There are other servers and I don't play much anyways, 2 days is not a big deal, I haven't played 2 days leading up to this anyways. But as a matter of principle, these concerns should be addressed and I should be unmuted.

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