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Move My data to my new character?


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In Terraria, I'm a moderator, but I had to create a new character, so can you but my moderator rank on my new character:

it's name is TheCupcake. So if you can move that for me, i thank you! (you might have to wait a little while, it wont let me

connect to Rencorner right now)

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im sorry, usually when i post something, it goes to a different screen, but it didn't so i didn't understand

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1) AnThRaX, it is a common error on the Terraria boards when people click submit and it takes a while to respond - we get 4-6 duplicate posts quite frequently.

2) Pichu89/TheCupcake - I see that you quit over 9 months ago and I've never met you for that reason. Please go make an application on the correct board (Staff Applications -> Terraria) instead of VIP, and we will talk.

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