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Guys, i has been angered with ANOTHER server because some guys started annoy me so much, so i entered this server and (i'm sorry for that!) i started blaming people. please do forgive me, just do it and i'll help everyone as you guys want to. I'm so sorry for that, i don't even know where my mind was at. I promise not doing it again, because i seen it's not cool with people, as it was not going be cool for me.

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Thanks for bringing this up - Let me address your behavior.

You were banned here for spamming, griefing, and making death threats. The last one in particular is taken quite seriously. If you were acting like this on that other server you were on, that might contribute to people treating you that way. Now these things alone, they could be forgiven.

However, you then tried to evade the ban by using a different IP. Ban evasion is not acceptable, and shows that you do not have respect for our rules. This makes us concerned that if we were to give you another shot, you would quickly lapse into breaking our rules again. 

As such, you will still need to serve out a ban - but as you seem repentant, I will give you another shot. You will be banned from Terraria for 2 weeks, then you can come back and show us you're willing to be a law-abiding friendly member of our community. 

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