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Unban Request


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  • Banned on 05/20/2016, Rencorner Marathon (Renegade). BanID 273.
  • Ingame name: TankHole 
  • Banned by: DuyGER
  • Reason: beacon spamming         

Dear Rencorner Mods,

Yesterday I have been banned because I spammed 4 or 5 beacons. I understand that some people find this annoying, and as a long time Renegade player I have nothing but the utmost respect for my fellow Renegade players, and as such I don't usually misbehave like this. But I will, however, admit I have occasionally spammed some beacons before. Now... we all know that the active Renegade servers, and players, are limited. I personally really like this game and I've been playing it for a very long time. I find it very regrettable that I have now been denied access to probably thé best Renegade server out there. Which I would really like to be able to visit again. Therefore, I would hereby like to offer my sincere apologies for any inconvenience, and annoyance, I might have caused my fellow Renegade players.  If you, mighty Rencorner mod, can find it in your heart to grant me absolution from this, dare I say it, reasonably minor offence, I promise that in the future I will abstain from this kind of counter-productive behavior. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, unban me. I have learned my lesson.

Yours sincerely,


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.:: Unban Request


Dear TankHole,

(verbal) warnings, beacon muted by mods and kicks. Next time leave it by the verbal warning. It does not have to come this far. I catched you often enough...

Hereby your ban is revoked. I hope you'll take your excuse seriously. I think I do not have to explain you what I do next when this action occurs again.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy playing and by the way: humorous ending!



Kind regards,


DuyGER, Renegade Moderator

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If you want to keep playing on:

23 hours ago, TankHole said:

probably thé best Renegade server out there.

please don't write stuff like this:

(12:59:16)<RCAOW>TankHole: everybody, switch to ultraAOW
(12:59:19)<RCAOW>Player TankHole left the game on team Nod [15/60]

We don't tolerate advertising, it's in the rules.

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