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Apparently I have been banned for 'Invising'


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<&RCAOW> 14Host: [BR] WNxH3adSh00t has been BANNED on 05/22/2016 for: 'invisi hug(ban by Evie)' (Ban ID 275)
<&RCAOW> WNxH3adSh00t has been banned from the server: Banned on 05/22/2016 by Manuel857`@IRC for 'invisi hug(ban by Evie)' (Ban ID 275).


I'd like to see the evidence of this and the smartass that decided it's invis.

It's nice to see that Evie is banning random people, yet nobody does crap when he IS actually invising, that game on Under, if you remember.


I have played about 7-8 games in the past few weeks, I'd like to see in which one of them I invisihugged.

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You invisihug all the time dude ... I am still salty about the time on Islands when we lost the hon and you invisihugged me twice in a row to kill my last sakura and then when I warned you you complained for like an hour that you didn't instead of just admitting to it.  Just stop breaking the rules and no one would have an issue.

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So on Under you called me an invisi hugger just because you didnt know where I was hiding at. Do you do this everytime you get killed?


Take a look at the beginning and at ~ 1:41.



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First of all, the 1st scene it's not invis at all, me and Puma were sniping in close range and he ran back to the other side of the glass.

(this you can see later on since it wasn't recorded right)

Second, I changed to 1st person when I was about to shoot because in 3rd the aiming dot sticks to the corner, that way I was able to shoot when I got out.


On under, I missed my 1st shot. In all other scenes I came out to shoot the Sak.

On  the 3rd part on Islands, I hugged normally, as you can see me going out, and so did whoever was on the other side. It was just normal hugging. If it's fast it doesn't mean it's invis.


At ~2:20 I couldn't shoot properly.

It's not my problem at all that I got double the ping of others, also if you want to spectate for invis, spectate from the other PoV and not mine.

I can't see myself invising at all, every time except that 1st shot on under I was out of the corner hugging normally and people saw me.



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Schuldeingeständniss: Fehlanzeige

just many Blabla..
so should we unban you because youre invis' move wasn't done correctly at all?

I remember that game on TmX Matrix, were u warned me for "invis" - although I did not noticed the free aiming modus to this time.
"software told me u did" was your reason.

better check for updates

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I suggest you all re-read the pinned ban topics here again. #807th time said over the years.

Also...stop un-hiding irrelevant posts here.


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video just looks like normal hugging to me, his own visibilty was clear on nearly all of those views, invisi hug is much faster and most of the time leaves a mark on the wall.

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