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That time again for moneyz


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We still need $135 to cover the last server pc(minecraft/renegade pc are paid up), it's due the 28th.


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sorry man, I'm stretched thin this month I'll try to do better the next one!

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To whom it may concern,

Our community is made up of players of all the games we host.  While I know a lot of you are young and don't have any means to kick in $5.  We also have many players who are over 20 yrs old and working.  Surely you can afford to donate $10, $15 or more.  If you look at the people who donate, you will see the same names almost month after month.  If you have never donated but enjoy what Rencorner (Volcom and Shai) offers, maybe it is about time you show your appreciation and donate a few dollars, 

We are not making demands, we simply want to spread out the monthly bills we have to keep us up and running so you can come to the game of your choice, play and enjoy yourself. 

Remember this... people like Shai, myself, Manny, Ice, Woolwind, Satomi who are admins (forgive me if I left someone out), give a lot of time making sure that you, the freebie player, will have a server up and running so you can come on, play and be with your friends.

How many of you have actually thanked Volcom for taking the risk of hosting a gaming community that is among the best anywhere.  A great way to thank him would be to donate regularly.  Our monthly bill for all of Rencorner is $375!  38 players donating just $10 will do it.  No one ever looks down on someone who donates $5, in fact we thank them for the contribution.

I know we have more than 38 players using Rencorner to play their favorite game on.  I see a lot of players making posts, bitching about another player in game, or posting a topic outside of any game.  Our forum as bad as it is atm, is there for you to communicate your grievances, and joy.  Please don't pass up the opportunity to contribute.  We really need your help.


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