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Your In-game Name and Rank: Skilz, Fullmod

Offender’s Known Usernames and IP(s): sweg (

Parties Involved: Myself , Satomi and sweg

Steps Taken/Commands Used: Warned twice about advertising muted for 2 min advertising again shortly after muted for 5 min then advertised again after then banned for 1 day 

Evidence/Link to Documentation Thread: [12/10/2016 12:39:00 PM] Sari: [09:36:08] <&RCterraria> (Default) <sweg> i have private server
[09:36:10] <&RCterraria> OpPlayer has joined.
[09:36:16] <&RCterraria> shirojj has left.
[09:36:18] <&RCterraria> (Default) <sweg> expert
[09:36:25] <&RCterraria> Katniss has left.
[09:36:25] <&RCterraria> (Default) <Zbeub> oh what is the ip ?
[09:36:26] <&RCterraria> shirojj has joined.
[09:36:29] <&RCterraria> Ryan has left.
[09:36:33] <&RCterraria> (Default) <sweg> wait
[09:36:38] <&RCterraria> (Default) <Zbeub> ok
[09:37:40] <&RCterraria> (Default) <sweg> i go
[09:37:46] <&RCterraria> sweg has left.
[09:38:15] <&RCterraria> Zbeub has left.
[09:37:10] <&RCterraria> (Default) <sweg> executed /whisper Zbeub port 7777 i go first wait 40 seconds
[09:37:13] <&RCterraria> HelloMelloBR has left. IP:

Additional Information: Satomi banned another name of his "nig"

Edited by Skilz
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He came on s2 (Skilz forgot to put the ban up there too) and apologized and begged to have the ban removed. I told him due to his apology I wouldn't apply the ban on s2, but he'd have to wait out the s1 ban as it's only a day. 

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