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Guest Animoski

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Guest Animoski

As i've said before I am a big believer in a community that is transparent on the things that are actively occurring that directly affects each and every one of us.

As you may know, we've been having issues finding a reliable dedicated server company that is affordable enough for us to provide a server that powerful enough for us for our current and future needs. That is tougher than it seems.

In the past 2 weeks we've been moving servers due to datacenters having unreliable and inconsistent service. The first datacenter had various time outs and severe packet losses that would occur between 2 to 5 minutes, and has lasted as long as 2 hours. This was not an issue with them at first and it had nothing to do with how our server was configured, it was on their end and not ours. They had the audacity to turn the blame on us, specifically me telling me it was an issue with my ISP causing myself to time out, when it wasn't just me disconnecting from the server.

Watching our Renegade server enjoying a 20 player count and then randomly dropping everyone at the same time was obviously unbearable to watch. Adding insult to injury was the last straw and so we moved onto another hosting company.

Although the next solution was still considered cheap, the price was overall twice as much, but we decided to go ahead with it anyways knowing we would still be in a somewhat of a safe zone. We only paid for the last week and a half's bill for this month because this company prorated it automatically so we would have to pay the full bill on the 1st.

To our surprise, a similar issue arose as well, but instead of disconnecting everyone, the server just would randomly crash. We knew it had to do with the internet service due to logs showing it was getting disconnected with XWIS - Renegade's server listing service. The random time outs was short enough to crash the Renegade servers for the most part it was not noticeable with teamspeak and Minecraft (our IRC server and website on different servers).

So once again, in the pursuit of having a stable server and the most efficient gaming possible - we decided to move again. After only 4 days with this 2nd datacenter.

We know a few people that have servers with this datacenter and have reported no such issues, so we decided to go ahead and order the server. For the most part, this new server actually has a more powerful CPU, but every spec remains the same. The new location for it will be Texas (versus California with the old one) so on average everyone in America will have better pings. However upon further inspection it seems we also have excellent routing to countries such as Europe as well as Asia. (Japan for instance returns a 170ms average ping, which will be excellent for our upcoming FunWar)

All in all, after a hectic two weeks, we hope to have everything transferred onto the new server by Wednesday morning for everyone to enjoy! I'll be working through to night to set everything up properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, namely to the players who have been randomly dropped off our servers in the middle of a game. If we didn't care about you guys we wouldn't be going through an incredibly stressful 2 weeks - seriously you guys should be seeing the e-mails and tickets i've been sending in, lmao.

Take for now,


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