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Conspiracy theories


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Tell me your greatest imagined conspiracy theory!

Do you believe aliens are real?

Is there really a god?

Our visual effects are completely different in each others eyes? i know i dont see things in minecraft style but does everyone view things in a different style?

I believe we are not the only living beings in the universe, there are millions of planets and people think there isn't one just like ours with different elements we have never even heard of or can see that can maximize life force.

I don't feel like there is a god for the one reason being the universe is way too big to be 'controlled' and yet nothing is controlled. and if there is a god how can my actions be controlled? I could do something against any rule. if there was a god then why is it when 'the nice guy' does everything in his power to do good and just gets bad results? but when 'the bad guy' does everything in his power to be a criminal does great and gets amazing results. (these are not my only views on this one, i have so many)

Tell me what you think about these wide questions nobody could possibly know the 100% answer to but only believe?

Do you get the feeling the government is hiding all this information because they know we're really actually slaves to the universe?

Time and relativity is governed by the moon, the earth that rolls round the sun, there is 24 hours in the day, 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 12 months in a year, 100 years to a century and 1000 years to each millenium, this is the relativiity of our solar system, the timeline affects us all, thats some foodful thought.

what if in another solar system or galaxy which is nothing to do with our world, and is a sister planet to our mother earth, what if that planet took 10 years to go around their sun? on our planet that would make them 1. what if it took 100 years to reach their planet and reversing the imagined aliens travelling to our planet, in (1) years it would take 10.

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I love conspicarys. Im trying to be short because im drinking right now. I think all those UFO aircraft and similar things are military stuff. Im sure you know about the germans and their UFO projects and about Nikola tesla. Free energy same as medicine gets hided.


Besides this, the NWO is no theory anymore, all our leaders around the whole world are already talking open about it! And once you understood all that then you actually see how the system or lets say this world works. I actually prefer Teamspeak for this kind of stuff, because theres TONS AND TONS of stuff to tell and im not a good writer nor im interessted in writing huge text.

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