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why i want to be terraria vip


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the reason i think i should be a veteran vip becase i have been playing since before christmas 2016 but under a different name (zebra dude) although i have had a 5 month break i still playrd for atleast 2 months and was still playing terraria on console. ive never been banned, so thats a plus also i have helped other players before and never greif. i really love this server and would love to be vip. and will definitly be responsible and continue to play on the server.

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Oh. Interesting... If you have played before, you would have known to correctly fill out the correct template for VIP. (located here:

I recommend you apply for normal VIP until we completely sort this out :)

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Veteran is for people who held VIP prior to our update - you were a default:

[12.26.16 01:12:36] <&RCterraria2> (Default) <zebra dude> executed /playing 


That said, I will grant you Veteran if you go through the normal VIP application process now. :)

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