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1. You must have "Your ingame name" and "Streamer" or "Youtuber" depending on what you do in your application's topic title. AGgames is my Youtuber name

2. You must be active in our server for over 30 days, and have acquired "Trusted Status" for over 5 days.

3. You must be the age of 12 or older. Yes

4. Are you a IRC User/TeamSpeak User? If not, download an IRC Client http://www.mirc.com/  I have teamspeak


5.Are you a frequent participator in our Forums and/or Servers? (Note: participation is strongly recommended and important Yes).

6. You must have followers on your Youtube or Stream account.  Give link to account If you answered no... rejected. Please do not re-apply until you fit the above criteria. If you answered yes to all of the above criteria, proceed to the application format below! I do

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