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PC to PS3 Media Syncing


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Does anybody know how to do this, been watching a few videos on youtube and I've googled around but can't find anything that resembles what I want to do exactly.

The scenario is:

I have the PS3 in my room and the computer is upstairs and its a pain in the ass to feed a wire all the way up another flight of stairs when the router is on the bottom floor, I have a lot of movies on the PC which I want to be able to play on my PS3 via a wireless connection. I want the option to play them when they have downloaded via a connection from my PC to the PS3. I know it would be easier to just put them on my external hard drive but this isn't just for me alone as my parents would find it useful for work which is where I come to my second appeal for help. With what has been said already, would it be more beneficial as a whole to make a homegroup on my network? If so is it possible to do the PC to PS3 whilst in the homegroup? Bare with me this has well and truly baffled me because sony don't like to allow their ps3's to find media servers!.



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You want to download from the internet then upload to ps3 and then watch? I dont see why you would want to do that. If this is what you meant i cant help you.

If that wasnt what you meant do this:

Google ps3mediaserver download and install.

Ps3 will find the mediaserver if you have your pc+ps3 working with the same router ( switches/bridges do not matter )

Play your movies

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