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Guest Animoski

Today we moved our website over to a new webhosting provider for the sake of performance. Some of you might notice a quicker page response time, some of you may not. If you've noticed topics/threads missing, they were most likely created after we moved the website but before your DNS settings have updated - sorry for that inconvenience.

This also had me thinking of ways to improve on our forums. Some of it seems messy, cluttered, and not up to date. I'll be dedicating my entire Sunday to revamping the forums, which includes combining groups (such as Renegade Admins and Minecraft Admins into "Server Admins" - which will not decrease functionality, MC admins won't be able to go into Renegade admin's forums, etc.) as well as updating the stickies, adding rules & regulations in specific forums, etc. Hopefully this will provoke people into being a little bit more active on the forums. That's not to say the current activity isn't below expectations or unappreciated, but it's always great to have high goals!

If you have any comments or suggestions please PM me!



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And I thought cutting the grass on a sunday was boring :P

jks (not the person), I'm sure everyone appreciates the energy you put into your server

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