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I would like to apply for the VIP rank on the Rencorner Terraria server. 1) Thomas 2) I use Purple People Eater as my main Rencorner account now, but in the future I will be using different characters such as Vexcrate. 3) I am 18 years old. 4) I am from Northeastern USA. 5) Mobile since 1.1, Desktop since 1.2.4 6) I just found it under the server list advertised as free items, but I soon found that it has many more amazing attributes like boss summoning and an awesome community. 7) I have been playing since December 2016 and got VIP in January of 2017, but after the update where VIPs were transferred to the Veteran rank, I stopped for a while. I recently got back into Rencorner with my stepbrother (Udan) and have been active on Rencorner 7777 and been on sometimes on 7779. 8) I want to reclaim my old rank, utilize specific areas, and be a respected player in the community. Thanks for reviewing my application.

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Had a typo in my age.
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All you need to do to have Veteran on your main account, is use /login (rank that has Veteran here) (Password for that account here). If you need a password reset or would just prefer it be moved, just ask. c:

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