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Ark Temp Server Shutdown.


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Hi people,

For the people who play Ark on the Rencorner Servers, we will be shutting down two of them temporally. The last day to play on them will be on Monday 10th September. We need to shut them down a few days earlier to backup and transfer both the Aberration and Scorched Earth Servers while we get another box. Due to the size of the game, it will take nearly a full day to do one server and everything must be moved off the server box before the 14th September.

Between the 14th and 18th of September, we will have a new box installed and the servers will be transferred back over. Again this will take a few days to get set up so as soon as we have the new box and everything back up and running on the new box, we will do another shout out.

Our Ragnarok server will be open as normal to play on. This server won't be affected. 

Thank you.


Ark and TF2 Server Admin.


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