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Muted, For controversial reasons not intended to be in all chat.


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Muted, For controversial reasons not intended to be in all chat.
Can you unmute me please? It incredibly obstructive to team play, also i cant PM to long lost friends who ask me were ive been during my 2 year break. 

I was muted when i told my friend who asked what ive been up to: what ive been up to.
Sadly i miss spelled his name and my PM got into all chat with the miss spelled name at the start of the sentance.

The subject was controversial sadly it is reality and its what ive been busy with.
This resulted in a dumbass called : Orion to patronize a very serious issue which is Genocide and Child prostitution. I did not stand for this and told him to shut up and he kept replying to it when i tried not to and it became heated after that ( he replied to my miss spelling of the PM name + message totally him wanting to argue and me just trying to tell my friend what i had been busy with. After he kept replying with insults and patronization of this serious subject i had to tell him to shut up etc.. (hes one of those people picking on the one person trying to tell the truth / be different because its easy for him and acting superior while contradictively patronizing Genocide and Child prostitution)

To clarify:

Im trying to fight child prostitution in my country and neighberhood which has spread over Europe due to Arabs acting racist and to there religious bosses act to want to outbreed Europe by taking pritty young girls ( 4 years old and above) picking them up with expencif cars after kinder karten /andprimary school. A very serious issue endorce with rap media and the police / city poleticians being bribed with sex with the very young prittier girls. While the prittiest are taken as sex .. subject for the Arabs higher in ther maffia ranks to niter marry and every generation be married to an Arab to outbreed the Dutch blood and put the genes that make her pritty into a Arab minded gene pool and culture.

This is new to some people and they think tis some small local issue some were.. But its been a trate for thousends of years which will cause The sweetest hearted gentile girls (former only sluitty ones) But now the most innocent to become manipulated and Euopean girls to be molested sexually which is the worst sacreligiousness of all... And eventually europe to become ugly. They feed there gene pools with our beauty as a sort of life stock. Sadly many wars killed the more Heroic Europeans ( America has to save us once more)

But i try to fight it. I have alot of info on it but the police is keeping me quiet because there bribed with sex with them. And they stimulate the economy in many ways taking money from 35 year old and above business men and putting that into there maffia and cars houses etc buying up businesses.....

This all has to stop befor the girls are all manipulated and our freedom of woman abused which the Arabs well know can be abused as an weakness as they dont allow woman to be as free so they cant be whored and acting superior over it. While Western cultures used to know that some people deserve / need this freedom for woman to not be a backward society and keep developing. Human sex instinct is prayed on by there maffias making it very difficult.

I was informing my friend on this issue and miss spelling his name resutled in one sentance getting into all chat and this moron: Orion Egotistically patronizing it and insulting me because of its ease.

Renegade always had been a place were everyone was real with each other to me. And a place of real men. A place the worlds communities seemed more hopefull.

Please dont let this incident were an idiot kept bashing on me because of the obvious egotistical reasons insulting the one whos different / truthful no matter how serious the subject, ruin my Ren time with friends and teamwork chat / fun chat. 

I tried not replying to his insults and atfer a couple had to tell him to shut up because tis so serious and would only escalate if he kept forcing me to reply. He kept doing so and after too many i replied on how serious it is and that he shouldnt patronize it. He insulted me more and the issue and i told him to stfu. And it just became more heated form there on Untill some sensable guys took us apart.
And i was researching the death of molly tibbits which some one told me about after seeing our chat.
I bet he kept insulting me when i was gone for a few min.

Again, Please dont let these egotistical people / people who like to bash on anyone being different Ruin my ren time. Let me speak to long lsot friends and inform the team of rushes / strategic chat / Fun. Over a miss spelled name giving a moron the chance to patronize genocide and child prostitution ment for: and sadly only given a place to be spoken of in personal messages. Of which this one leaked into all chat over a miss spelling.

These subjects are controversial to some but sadly are reality and are the things keeping me busy lately as fighting it is too important else the world wont be worth existing anymore / horrors will be the daily suffering (the worst sexual acts done by that maffia to the most naturally sweet hearted gentile girls, manipulated)
Even tho they should be fought by every man i know they cant be spoken of in a open.. chat / open community yet. (even tho time is a great factor)

So i just whished to PM it to my friend. Dont let one moron ruin my only place i feel truely at home Men of Ren.
And unmute me so i can keep having fun on my favorite Ren server.
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You're unmuted, but keep that stuff to pm if possible. I was there that day, and refreshed myself with the logs...it wasn't an accident done once, it was a few times.

Mute is wonky, so it may take a few unmutes to work properly.

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