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Will Extinction be added on release?


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We are going to be setting up an Extinction Server here at Rencorner when the game is released on 6th Nov. Hope to see you in the game as it's more AI vs Player based. Footage of the gameplay can be found here

This was taken over the weekend on a mobile phone at Twitch Con. 

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You can start fresh with a new character which I am doing so. I think shai will be using his Ragnarok character and qwicksliver. The servers will be linked to Aberration, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok where you can upload/download dinos etc.

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Usually, wild dinos are level 600 or 700. 6x Taming and 3 x Harvesting.  A wyvern on an official server will take 4 days to raise, on ours, it takes roughly a few hours. Dino mating cycles are high so you can hump a rex max time once an hour for an example.   

We will be adding some mods too like death recovery, S+ is a must, a stacker mod so that one stack will hold 2500 of one item instead of the official server of 100.


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All the Ark servers are offline at the moment as they are updating. I can't get on the 64 box as someone keeps kicking me off it. I'll finish the updates when I get home from work.  I might be able to get Scorched Earth and Aberration up and running before I start work, but no promises.

Old version is 284.104

New version is 285.105

I'll try to set up the Extinction server when I'm home too.

Sorry for the delay.

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Right then, all the servers are updated however the Extinction server cannot be added until the ASM or Ark Server Manager updates. They have released a new version update but they still need to work on it over the next few days.


1.0.339 (1.0.339.1)
* Added Extinction gamedata file - only contains the map name for now.

NOTE: I will be working to add the Dinos, Engrams, Items etc over next couple of days.

Read more: http://arkservermanager.freeforums.net/thread/5193/downloads#ixzz5WCXf9TqD

As soon as this has been completed we can launch the server.

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