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SoloPactor TRUSTED (accepted 12/28/15)


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  • Your first name: Nicki
  • Your in game name, also include any other names you use: SoloPactor.
  • Your age is? 17 Birthdate 17th of May.
  • Where you are from? Denmark.
  • How long you have been playing Minecraft? Sience 2011.
  • Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? It was recommended by my friend called mdogg.
  • How did you find Rencorner My friend mdogg told me to get on and i hopped on and loved it.
  • Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? Sadly not.. I only really play Rocket league and minecraft and osu but not any other rencorner games no.
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