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Hi Guys and Girls.

You will have noticed that you can no longer look around/read our forums if you are a Guest like you used to be able to. After the donation situation, I suggested to Shai to step up security and privacy for members. 

Everyone who wants to read the forums will have to register and become a member. This is to deter anyone who comes here as a guest reading information and members profiles then using it against us in attacks trying to compromise the forums.  This way we can see who is online.  Your profiles have also been made private so that no guests can look at your profile as people have their D.O.B, email address and sometimes use photos of themselves. Members can look at anyone else's profiles and you can also choose if you want to log visitors who have checked out your profile if you wish to do so or you can turn that feature off.

At Rencorner we need to look after our community, members/players and feel it's our responsibility to protect what we have. Yes you will get a certain type of person who will try to disrupt this by spamming etc and yes it's not the perfect solution but it's better than how we had it before. I hope you guys and girls understand why we have done this.

If you find anything suspicious or out of the norm, just make a post or private message the admins straight away.  If the admins change anything we will post an announcement and the new information regarding said changes such as server information, donation information etc.         

Thank you.

Rencorner Admins.                                           

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