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I have come across a News Article that has stated "Over 70% of Online Gamers have been harassed..."

Here is the Full Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7286919/70-online-gamers-say-theyve-harassed-Overwatch-Fortnite-players-worst-offenders.html

Fortnite, Overwatch and Dota 2 are the worst offenders, while World of Warcraft, Minecraft and the NBA 2K series are most likely to have a positive social experience.

Keep your guard up if you play Fortnite, Overwatch or Dota 2.

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You aren't gaming online correctly if you don't receive some flak from other players.


Anyone that has ever participated in a LAN party knows that the shit talking can be REAL. But that is what makes gaming fun. Not belittling people you are playing with, but a little bit of taunting helps keep things fun and entertaining!

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Who made the silly rules on what counts as harassment, when you count "calling someone offensive names" as harassment, then 100% of the current Renegade player base has been "harassed".
Im gonna look at the renegade server logs - Let me pick 1 insult, in this instance "faggot" since its not really used in a "positive" way.

[15:19] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] He4dSh0t: !rm disarm sakura th. flaming chars. overall big faggot

[15:11] <&RCAOW> {Os}Orion: Shut up faggot

[08:28] <&RCAOW> [Team] GogetaBIH: what a faggot

[07:34] <&RCAOW> Shako: nice e fire faggot

[07:15] <&RCAOW> Shako: faggot

[16:46] -RCAOW- Pagemods: (He4dSh0t) fix this fucking trash map faggots < my personal favourite, this is how you contact the mods apparently

[18:59] <&RCAOW> He4dSh0t: fuck you faggot camper

[18:24] <&RCAOW> He4dSh0t: !refund he4dsh0t since faggots dont follow rules in the server

[17:08] <&RCAOW> [Team] ^mekily: STOP MUNONG FAGGOT

[18:24] <&RCAOW> Geko: great, the faggot can just get away with invis

[18:04] <&RCAOW> Geko: faggot kills me while Im typing

[17:14] <&RCAOW> [Team] Bubba2x4: CUCK faggot sniper in bushes

[14:46] <&RCAOW> Iran2: really that faggot hotty

[14:25] <&RCAOW> Uncazzone: can un rec nods for are a faggots player I've ever seen!

[13:16] <&RCAOW> Geko: hide more faggot

[00:12] <&RCAOW> [NE]dunks55j: just end it nod stop being faggots

That's going back 2 days, thats 16 potential players, out of Renegades tiny player base, being called faggots, is this harassment? No. Is it right? No, but we can move on with our lives and accept people are wieners and not make a big deal out of things.

Dota 2 is full of people calling each other stuff, its super competitive, 5v5s, and your exposure to a large volume of players is totally on a different scale. Iv played almost 6000 games, with 10 players including me in a single game, that's 54,000 players maximum potential that iv met online, and I can safely say in about 40% of these games, there is some abuse flying around.

This is mostly true for things in life where there is competition, and it just gets worse when you add an incredible amount of people into the equation, yea people get abuse, did nobody play call of duty 4 where everyone's mother was apparently getting shagged by your teammates, nobody was crying about it then.

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On 7/26/2019 at 12:07 PM, OSTKDefender said:

World of Warcraft, Minecraft and the NBA 2K series are most likely to have a positive social experience.

I can't believe I don't remember seeing this topic; It's nice to see Minecraft and especially WoW having positive experiences bound to them. 

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Yeah, I read that article. One person's bullying is another person's shit talk. It depends on the individual as some guys are more sensitive than others (and girls). Well, you can either ignore them and they will get bored after a bit or leave the game and play on another server or a different game. You are only connected via the web and not in real life. Or another way is to shut them down with answers which they can't reply to like 'thank you'. Just dazzle them with it and they won't know what to do. 🙂


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