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New PC upgrading


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Alright am as some people may know my pc isn't exactly the best in the world :/ but I had a genius idea of upgrading it and I thought I would come here for advise on what type of stuff I should get e.g. Nvidia graphics card :P

So this is what I think I need, feel free to add stuff if you think I need it:

A new graphics card

More ram

Cooling fan, my current one is fucked :/

And I know it doesn't really effect the performance of my PC but I need a new disk drive.

Any help?? Thanks guys I appreciate it :D

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Fancy posting whats specs you have now? That way we can help/assist/guide/fuck you up better!


A great tool I use personally is SIS software sandra (or what it used to be called).


It will give you all the details we need to assist.


Link here http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/?d=&f=downandbuy&l=en&a=


Download, install + run Lite version

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Specs like what mobo and model, cpu (how many cores), AMD or Intel, ram (ddr2, ddr3) how much?  Speed of HD (5400rpm, 7200rpm).

BTW the hd will affect your performance if you don't have enough ram and you have to use the page file (which is located on your hd)

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Get 3 exabytes of ram, then partition about 2 exabytes to use as a ramdisk.  I guarantee you'll be wiping the floor with everyone else.


Shame its not technically possible, but still

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Umm... this post was a waist of time i considered doing a big upgrade but i really cant be arsed with all the taking apart and replacing stuff (im not a noob i do know how to do it btw) but i decided after a lot of considering tat i will just scrap my old pc and put the hard drive into a brand new pc :D its one from dino pc not sure what one but its gunna be awsome ordered it earlier today, soo excited :D



thanks for the help guys,


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