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Discord ban appeal (+ Apologizing for everything)


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Hi, i got banned few months ago, and i want ban appeal, cuz i want continue play terraria rencorner and when im offline can chat with players

1. In discord terraria rencorner and main discord rencorner. 19th August 2021
2. iDenisNEXT
3. I'm not 100% sure, but... Dex told me that he thinks shaitan or Satomi banned me (p.s.- thanks alot for bannning me, if not you, much people was hacked)
4. Sending nitro scams (I'm so sorry for that, i hope it's never will repeats. I changed my passwords and turned on 2fa)
5. Yes, here you go. (Screenshot there)
6. My Discord account got hacked on the 19th of August 2021, thank you for who ever banned be so no one else would click on the nitro scam link. This all started around 3:00 am UCT+2 (I live in Ukraine) therefore i was sleeping when this all happened and did not notice until my friend floppa asked me "why" then found out I was hacked then changed my nickname to "I GOT HACKED DONT GO LINKS". To who ever is reading this, I'm sorry for what the hacker. I'm very sorry about my account sending the scam links, it was not me and I'm so sorry to the people that maybe clicked the links, i promise this will never happen again. I changed all my passwords, so it should be fine now and enabled 2fa. I hope everything can become nornal by me being unbanned from The Rencorner Network discord and Terraria events Discord. Thank you.
P.S- Thank you Dex for guiding me to the Ban Appeal area of rencorner forums.

Form that i used:

  • When and where you where banned, Time and Date.
  • Ingame nickname.
  • By what moderator or admin you where banned.
  • What is the reason of you being banned.
  • Logs / Screenshots / videos / witnesses.
  • Any addition information that will help your case.



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