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Hi to all from PackHunter


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Hi all, been a while... Nice to see that people are still keeping up this great game. I played countless hours back in the day, mostly on the GameSpy <StuTu> Sturm Tuf server where Mac, one of the original creators of BrenBot was also a regular and where he tested new stuf. There, I also created the first iterations of the rank plugin after Mac created the plugin system for BrenBot. It was the last thing that he added before he handed over the BrenBot project to me. BrenBot was full of bugs back then, which I spend probably a year or so cleaning up, before passing the project along to someone else. Forgot the name.. He was from GozTow's server? Like I said, it has been a while..  Good times though..


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Heya mate! Welcome back! It would indeed have been Dan Paul or stealteye (blackintel) later on. Good to see you coming back! 

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GameSpy <StuTu> first servers I played on 🤙🏽 I'm sure they had two ren servers #1, #2... Good times 😀 your name rings bells 👍🏽


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