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Im the guy that bought Renegade the day it hit the shelves.I'm the guy that has played an average of 4 hours a day, everyday since then.Im the guy who ran the BiO clan in GSA for 5 years with over 20 players.Im the guy who just owned ur entire base.I am the CerealKlr

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I'm the guy that bought Renegade for his son.


I'm the guy who then got hooked on it himself.


I'm the guy who loves the teamplay of Renegade so much he helps organise community Funwars and Commwars against other servers.


I'm the guy that does the work in the background, while the server owner has a 'smoke'.




I am StJohn Gumby

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I'm the guy who bought Rengade for myself.

I'm the guy who got killed by applez 20 times.

I'm the guy who organises more than 70 rushes which were all successful.

I'm the guy who's asking display to be his part time girl freind.

I am bad2gurlz

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