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Happy Birthday - Applez


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I know we've had our differences and shit in the past.. And you can be a huge asswipe, pos, turd n***a but you'll always be my brother and i'll always forgive you and love you cuz you're great sometimes...

Sucks for you that i got the looks and smarts sorry but happy birthday try to look good for the ladies (and volcom)

Sorry I wasn't able to see you today :( ill see you tomorrow dude

Hope you have a orgasmic day and fuck all the bitches you want this is your freebie

:) love you

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Thanks everyone :)<3 and LOL BiLLaBoNG xD Turd n***a? lmfao but yeah i will see you tomorrow! i got a skateboard so you should get one too and some skate wiht me and Volcom :) Farah, the epic part of my way was you and kris talking on my wall xD

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