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my pet rock


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guys, my pet rock died yesterday and i am really upset  :(  his name was sock. yes sock. i miss him very much  :(

Sock was very dear to me. he was there for pretty much everything..

yesterday morning i woke up and his eyes and mouth was torn off him. i cried. 


R.I.P Sock <3

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A few things, maybe he died due to old age, or maybe he felt neglected.   When was the last time you took it for a good hard throw?  Rocks have feelings too!  How would you like being on a shelf and looked at all the time without being fondled?  :SmackBottom:


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No offense but what is a rock??.. I too had a parrot which was too dear to me died when a cat bit him.

I'm sorry for your pet may he RIP.

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