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iPhone App: Clash of Clans


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Does anyone here play this game on there iDevice? I've been addicted to it for a little over a month now. My friend at school showed me it and since then I can't stop playing it. :P


It's free!

You start off with a little base (not sure what else to call it) and you harvest resources (gold/elixir) and upgrade your base. At the same time, you can queue up some troops (archers, barbarians, goblins, and so on) so you can attack other players.

When you have enough money, you fix your Clan Castle and you can start joining other people's clans and such.

I know it sounds a little nerdy, but it really is a fun interactive game.

If you play it currently, I only ask you leave your gamecenter name/email so i can add you. :)

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Don't call me a gravedigger! I just started playing this app! It works now!

My game center is: Mylastbreathz

I hope we can start a Rencorner Clan and donate eachother troops!

My th lvl is 2 (i'm upgrading everything to full first)

I know a decent amount about the game.

I hope you still play!

Post here please!

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Sweet man! My base is noobs because I have I have 2 more days on my shield, so I'm maxing everything and planning on getting th lvl 4 before I build a base

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Hey, I know you probably like the clan you're in but for your level and who good you seem to be soon you might want to check out www.clashofclansleague.com their clan (TrueGamers) requires 500+ donations per week to stay in it, and a Th level of 8 I think, I was chatting with a few of hen when I started and they're really mature an funny, they have 3 clans, TrueGamers Inc. TrueGamers4life and TrueGamers, I'm going to apply for TrueGamers Inc when I get th lvl 5 and then to TrueGamers4life at th lvl 7, I just thought you would enjoy a nice clan like theirs!

On a side note, we could start our own clan, :P

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