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I'm panman30 and I have been looking for a simple friendly minecraft server that doesn't really have mods like towny. I'm in 2 other servers right now and do like them very much, but the server lags a bit and I would like to join more servers. With the right equipment I can become a human tank to most mobs, my favorite weapon is the bow, with it's damaging damage and accuracy.If you think my in game name is panman30, it is, but currently I'm using my friend's account (in game name: sonicjam). I do not curse unless really annoyed, but that's when it's something really unfair like stealing my stuff with no punishment what so ever and killing/destroying my livestock. I play minecraft only ( I also play other games but I'm listing the games with servers that you guys created). I do have a brother that might play sometimes and I'm not always going to be able to watch him so I won't mind if you mute me, just remember it might not be me. A big difference between him and me are:

He acts like a begginner (walking around, staying outside during night, ect.)

He asks begginner question (how do ou questions mostly)

Trolls (he likes to have fun with dirty jokes :P, remember, I won't mind being muted, and report it to me on the forums if it bugs anyone I'll try to do something about it)

I don't think he griefs but if he does then kick him and report me on the forums for he knows nothing about the forums

His spelling is not the best, and he most likely won't fix it

That is all for notes and one more note: I'm not from America so I don't have he best grammar.

I hope to see all of you and thank you for taking out some of your time to read this :D

-Pan da' man

P.S. I'm derpy

P.S.S. I like the mob called endermen so don't expect me to kill alot of them

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Guest Animoski

I have a stupid question, how long does it take to get whitelisted?

PM me all the names you & your friends and such will be using.

We will be un-whitelisted soon, trying to fend off a recent attack from random Russian n00bs

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