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You may now use the following domains to access our website, teamspeak, irc, and minecraft.



  • Ts.rencorner.ca
  • irc.rencorner.ca
  • mc.rencorner.ca



  • ts.rencorner.co.uk
  • irc.rencorner.co.uk
  • mc.rencorner.co.uk



  • ts.rencorner.info
  • irc.rencorner.info
  • mc.rencorner.info



  • ts.rencorner.co
  • irc.rencorner.co
  • mc.rencorner.co

All of these domains point to the same place. They simply use servers closer to you to connect to our site which should make it much easier for you to access us. Enjoy! 


P.S. A big thanks to master for purchasing these!

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mmmhmmm we are going to be "accessing" all sorts of stuff. :wub::nyam:

Woohoo I can actually access this site from my phone now. :D

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