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The name is John, i am 25 and Pagan and live in Glossop, UK.


I work for my local Supermarket on the checkouts, so my life consists of "Hi love, how're you ? Would you like any bags and help with your packing?" which sounds monotonous but it really isn't.


I play all sorts of games, i currently own all C&C, AOE and Neverwinter games on PC, with a large selection on the PS3.


I am always around and about doing random stuff online :)

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Welcome to RenCorner,


Pleasure playing with you earlier.


Sorry we finished Under so fast..... know it's your favourite ;)



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Lol IT's allright, it's fun to play :) i enjoy playing it but i need to get some stuff done now so i can't play for a wee while lol

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