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Well Howdy!


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Was told this is the best renegade server around now a days so, HI LONG TIME!

Who am I?

I'm Serenity (Heather). Sure I am pretty well known, err from Vets back in the day anyway... I'm from RenStation/Fastc0nn, Renbattle, RenWarz (most known for) and lastly UN.


After having a falling out with one of the main elders of UN in 2006 I pretty much stopped playing, except popping in off and on when storm was around and a few RenWarz reunions once a year since, which is why I am here now, upcoming event that I need to prepare myself for, because ...my husband Dogg is hard to beat so I need all the help I can get. Wyld can tell you that, the jerk is a gaming ocd hippy, err Dogg that is, well maybe Wyld is too :-P, love ya in a non sexual way Wyld!


Well this is me and who I am, nothing special really, just your typical nagging female ;-)



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OMG I miss you too so much! Hundreds of hours playing Ren with these two!!! Welcome to our slice of Ren.

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howdy! :) and welcome to RenCorner ;D

Here's your new best friend^ another nagging female ;)Welcome to RC!
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