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Hey everyone,


I have the next 9 days off work so I am going up to the cottage until Tuesday night. I am sure I'll pop on teamspeak and check the forums occasionally. Contact Shaitan or Wyld if there is an urgent need to contact me. Hope you guys can survive 3 days without me, Lol.


See you when I am back.



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Everything will be fine Volcom ;) We won't break much honest :P and besides we are big boys now except Wyld I'm not to sure what he is :P (<3 you wyld) You just go enjoy yourself and let us worry about this place :)





Rencorner.ca Coder

Rencorner.ca Developer

Rencorner.ca Support Technician


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hlelos iti s me kehsa


valclam can u get bak pls i miss u a lott oxoxoxox



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