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Summer is in full swing.


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Hello Rencorner.  hope you are all keeping cool this summer. With this heat wave sweeping across the country, remember to drink lots of fluids.. "no Volcome that dosnt mean BEER." lol 


Anyway. Im happy to Announce that Our minecraft server is progressing nicely. the lag is down and only a few minor glitches that effect connection from time to time remain. Thank you all for your help with building the spawn. And theres still plenty of room left for creations. If you wold like to be part of the development on this send me a pm with any ideas or something you would like to submit that you think would be worthy of our spawn showcase.,


And Finaly Welcome welcome welcome to all the new players that have joined in the last couple weeks. Love to have you here and hope you make us your new home. 


Tell your freinds, loved ones, heck even your enimees.. that RenCorner.co is ware its at.



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