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Another Random Night in TS3


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<03:28:05> "display": i like lundy's balls
<03:28:29> "Mike Hawk": lol
<03:28:45> "Mike Hawk": too bad they're mine
<03:28:49> "display": fuck you!
<03:28:49> "Mike Hawk": XD
<03:28:51> "display": they mine!
<03:28:57> "Mike Hawk": NUH UH
<03:29:03> "display": I PLAY WITH THEM EVERYNIGHT
<03:29:06> "DukE_Grim1": BITCHES THEY BE MINE!
<03:29:10> "display": GTFO
<03:29:19> "display": I LIKE LUNDY'S BALLS THE MOST
<03:29:20> "Mike Hawk": i play with them all day
<03:29:20> "DukE_Grim1": YOu GTFO
<03:31:17> "Lundy": wtf did I just read?? O.o
<03:31:24> "Mike Hawk": lol
<03:31:33> "display": bloodyman started it lundy
<03:31:34> "Mike Hawk": everyone fighting over ur balls
P.S: Display liking my balls tid-bit, is soooo going on my siggy <3
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just so youu know...this was at like 3 or 4 am for me soooo I WAS FREAKING TIRED. but it was funny ;D

aka. drunk

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<05:30:54> "[display] display": i gtg<05:30:56> "[display] display": fucking shit<05:31:01> "[display] display": ill be back soon<05:31:06> "[display] display": tell james i love him!<05:31:07> "vlatkozelka": bye bye

<05:31:10> "vlatkozelka": NOOOOOO<05:31:12> "[display] display": YES<05:31:20> "vlatkozelka": il tell him u hate him<05:31:22> "vlatkozelka": :P<05:31:25> "Mafia": lol<05:31:30> "[display] display": lol tell him i have a dentist appt.<05:31:34> "[display] display": BYE<05:31:37> "vlatkozelka": bye

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