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School year starting again for me :/


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As of today this is my Last day of freedom. I start school tomorrow and i prolly wont be on as much as i use to. so before i get demoted again from temp mod i just wanted to let know of why i wouldnt be on as much anymore. i will still try to get on Irc and Ts as much as i can. thank you

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Any advice for the young ones?

Now more than ever, it is important to maintain good grades.  From what I know, it seems you have to get beyond high school, whether it be college, trade school, military.  When I went to school, we didn't have the technology (integrated circuits) to make desktop computers, calculators, and what followed after that.  That means all our records were kept local and on paper.  Good grades would get you into college, but there was still a good chance to get a decent job with a hs diploma.  IT AIN'T THAT WAY ANYMORE! 


I know there is peer pressure, but you youngins really should refrain from putting your life online.  Since we are in a digital age, do you really want to let an employer view your life and good times?  How about the police? or OBAMA (government)?  There are a lot of things that should not be shared online!


IMO, for the people that don't want to go to college, the military is an excellent choice!  There you'll learn to be truly on your own, and have a great opportunity to learn a trade.  Go to college after the military and get your degree.


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