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Well after the switch we lost our whole download section, after a whole day today I got almost everything reuploaded.


Anyway there are a few things that still need fixing but almost everything is back up, I don't know much about minecraft but I know you can skin it and do cool things with it so I was wondering if there is someone who makes skins for minecraft and like to upload things if we make a minecraft section?  I also want to see other uploaders in our download section except me so I am welcoming all of you to upload your own cool skins, graphics, helpful tools, and ect. 


I also want to start some skinning competitions for C&C Renegade where we will be doing a different theme and things monthly and we will have open voting at the end of the month for a week and which ever skins wins gets bragging rights and maybe some little prizes.  I just want to see if anyone is interested and would participate?



If you have never seen our download section I highly recommend checking it out!


I am also going to start uploading a lot more things to the download section so keep checking for new skins! 



If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


Happy Skinning,




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O.o My days of skinning are long gone... But I can still

Do some decent texture packs ;) good idea! Also if we have the Minecraft build contests we could upload the winning submissions to this section.

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