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Looking for some interest -Runescape?-


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Well by the possitive feedback that I've received in a few topics I've decided to make this topic for our possible RSPS project, this is just something that I'm posting to see how many people are interested in each role and how many people want to work towards this possible add-on. So please read all the roles and apply about the one that you are most interested in and I will go from there just asking a few questions and seeing the general interest. In my opinion it would be better to staff this server with a lot of pre-existing Rencorner staff not some randoms from another sketchy forums. And seeing how many replies my other thread got I decided to type this out.


I am currently looking for 1-3 players who will help me code, develop, mantain and fix the server. You would have access to the VPS (With Voclom's appoval) and a Developer rank in-game. With this rnak you have the option to actually play/help moderatethe server assuming the Admin possition, but if you make it clear that you are only interested in doing the actual coding, and developing then you will not be forced to have any in-game time actually moderating.


I need 1-2 In-game Admins. As an Admin you would have to have a good understaing of Runescape, (prefferably playing the actual game for a year or so) If you have little to no experience with moderating other Rsps' then we can easily work something out if you have a good understanding of the game and have a status already at Rencorner. You would have to dedicate some time to the forums and in-game, you would have to be able to handle situations on your own, and you would have 10x the responsibilites as Mods would report to you!


I need 3-5  In-game Moderators. For this rank I ask that you at least have the will to learn about Rsps' and I am willing to work with you personally if you don't have any! All I ask is you have some understanding of Runescape and can dedicate time to learn, Moderate and help the server. This rank actually comes with alot of responsibility and time, you would have to be able to think logically, connect with the players and know what they want, and what they're thinking to help them out better or to cool down hot situations.


I am looking for 1 Website/VPS Admin. Basically I think Rob would do this, because I asked him if he could possibly code us a sub-section of Rencorner for the server to keep the drama a bit seperated, and he said maybe, but if he can't since he obviously has alot of other things to do, I would need someone to help him out with this if he needs it. And as for the VPS part of this rank, it's sort of like Developer, but you don't really code the game, you just make sure that the website and the VPS are running and up-to-date, I could do all of this (besides the website making part) and as i said Rob might not need any help.


I am looking for 1-2 Helpers. This is a rank that is like the Half-mod rank on our Minecraft servers. If you have no knowledge of Runescape at all but are very interested in this, then apply for this rank! It would be fun to have you learn about all the commands and baiscs of the game! All I would need is some time put in to the server to help other players, and the will to learn!



Before the server opens I will post a crap ton of Cmds, permissions, and policies on the forums part, so if you're EVER stuck in a situation you could go to that part of the forums and bail yourself out.


Another thing I will be doing is working with everyone before the server actually opens on the bare-bones, the basic commands and policies we will be using, I will make sure that everyone is ready to go and moderate the server!



Keep in-mind that this project is not started at all and this post is just to see how many people are interested in what positions.



Please reply with the position you would be interested in, and please use the format!!!





Position interested in:

Why you're interested in it:

Prior experience:

Why I should chose you:


Anything else:

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Position interested in: Admin

Why you're interested in it: Because i've had more experience of runescape than most people in this community, its crazy how i used to play Runescape back in 2007 and now the community i work at are making a server for it, cant miss an opportunity like this.


I Know alot about RSPS Rules as u know Evo, and i played Classic Runescape and Newest Runescape.


Prior experience: Well I'm level 104-107 between non-mem and mem world and i know an incredible amount of knowledge about this game, i played for 4-5 years then i stopped half way through 2011, I Think 4-5 years is enough to know everything :P



Why I should chose you: Because i have prior experience and i used to play RSPS's as well as the classic Runescape

Timezone: United Kingdom, East sussex GMT + 0

Anything else: Nah i think thats all i have to say right now :)

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I know almost everything there is to know about free-non playing players and what they can and cant do. I've been playing for 5-6 years now. I don't play often, but I know the in's and out's.


Coding would be a new and interesting thing for me. I've never coded before in my life, but it would be something I want to learn, hence why I am transferring to a school to help better learn about coding (Pre-college school, for those who want to know). Pretty much, I can fill for what spot is needed, whether it be a coder, admin, mod, half-mod, normal player, ect...



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O.o JS isn't THAT bad... Maybe just a bit :P


But seriously I need staff and devs, just post with the format and I'll post back

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Thanks Rob, and Shai I would love to have you apart of the team! I need more coders or the work might take a month or more as I still have to dedicate most of my time to MC and work on this on my off-time

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Move it 2 the public section then and see if the public can help you code it, since its going to on a VPS this will have to wait until I return from AFK so I can work with Rob and setup the correct CPU Ram HDD space etc as me n rob have been talking in private about the VPS's and will update you all soon.

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Alright thanks Tiny, one more thing, me and Shai recently noticed that the VPS might be the problem for Minecraft, we have many reasons to believe it is causing most of the lag, but I'm sure your fully aware of this. Thanks

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We have updated it and i applied a filter. Seems we may have been under attack. I have played for a bit and the server seems better. 

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Position interested in: None

Why you're interested in it: I like helping out

Prior experience: Nothing with runescape but i have made 2 minecraft servers and they worked pretty well 1 was an alpha and 1 was a beta i did some coding in the servers so ik some coding

Why I should chose you: because i want to help out and learn some coding in this particular game

Timezone: United States, GMT - 04:00

Anything else: I love learning and helping out. And like i said i do know some coding in minecraft i don't know if this is appropriate for runescape or not but i would love to help out if i could :)


Note: i have never played runescape but it wouldn't take me hard to learn, like minecraft didn't take me but less than 1 month to learn everything.

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Please be aware that it takes JavaScript to code a rsps, I might be able to have you as a helper rank so you can learn, thanks for applying!

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